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Motobu Beef Beef bowl set (4 to 20 boxes)

Motobu Beef Beef bowl set (4 to 20 boxes)

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renewal! !

The name has changed from [beef bowl ingredients] to [beef bowl ingredients], and of course, the taste is even more delicious! !
Since the thickness has increased, it became easier to get entangled with rice.

Beef bowl made by carefully simmering. A unique fermented feed made by adding lactic acid bacteria to beer lees, resulting in tender and sweet beef.

Even families with children can enjoy it easily. Enjoy Okinawan wagyu beef from Motobu Ranch, which has the motto of safety and peace of mind.

Available in sets of 4 boxes, 6 boxes, 8 boxes, 10 boxes, and 20 boxes.

expiry date 1 year after production (normal temperature)
After defrosting Store in a cool, dark place at room temperature and consume as soon as possible after cooking.
Internal capacity


<Raw materials>

Beef (Okinawa Prefecture), onion, soy sauce, sugar, mirin, reduced starch syrup, awamori, grated ginger, grated garlic/polysaccharide thickener, seasoning (amino acids), (contains wheat, beef, and soybeans in part)

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