About Motobu Beef

More delicious.
More for our customers.

More delicious.
More for our customers.


About Okinawa Brand Motobu Beef

Motobu Beef is an Okinawan brand of Japanese black beef raised with the utmost love of the great nature of Yanbaru and human beings.
It is rich in fiber and has a gentle sweetness that melts in the mouth.

  • Original fermented feed accumulated over 25 years

    Based on the "original fermented feed using Okinawa Orion beer lees," which has been improved and devised over many years, we have devised ways to feed the feed according to the age and type of the cow, giving consideration to well-balanced growth. doing.

    As a result, Motobu Beef won the 2019 "Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award". Since then, it has been supported in a wide range of fields such as yakiniku, shabu-shabu, steak and hamburger as a wagyu beef that is rich in fiber and good for digestion .

  • Condensed Umami Ingredients

    In general, it is said that the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids contained in beef affects the flavor of the meat .
    Motobu beef is raised with original fermented feed using Okinawa Orion beer lees ,
    Compared to general wagyu beef, the ratio of unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid is high and the melting point of fat is low, so you can enjoy a concentrated umami that melts in your mouth.

  • stress free environment

    Motobu cattle are raised freely in spacious cages under strict control one by one.
    This takes into consideration the relationship between cows and maintains a high level of quality and value by creating a stress-free environment.

  • Safe and reliable delicious beef

    All cows to be shipped are not only managed with traceability (individual identification number), but also staff check and manage the health condition of each cow by "seeing and touching" every day .
    In addition, we have established the highest level of hygiene management system based on our own hygiene management policy, such as restricting outsiders from entering the hygiene management area, installing disinfection tanks for external vehicles, and installing disinfection tanks between cattle barns. I'm here.


  • 2019

    National Federation of Livestock Agricultural Cooperatives, Beef Carcass Show, Excellence Award

  • 2017

    Farm HACCP promotion farm designation

  • 2015

    Japan Gift Award 2015 Prefectural Award and Okinawa Award

  • 2013

    Best Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister's Award at the Beef Carcass Exhibition of the National Federation of Livestock Agricultural Cooperatives

  • 2013

    National Beef Business Cooperative Youth Group Carcass Association Grand Champion

  • 2012

    National Federation of Livestock Agricultural Cooperatives, Beef Carcass Show, Excellence Award

  • 2012

    Certified as an excellent product by Motobu-cho, Okinawa Prefecture

  • 2011

    National Federation of Livestock Agricultural Cooperatives, Beef Carcass Show, Excellence Award

  • 2008

    National Shimofuri Research Society Excellence Award

  • 2007

    National Wagyu Ability Exhibition Excellence Award

Part of beef

Okinawa Brand “Motobu Beef” Features by Part

  • Kalbi

    This part of the beef is the muscle that the cow uses to breathe, and is characterized by its fine texture and rich sweetness. It is recommended to bake it so that the melted oil is slightly burnt.

    The compatibility with carbonated drinks such as beer and highball is outstanding!

  • Loin

    It is called "loin" because it is "suitable for roasting". There are two types of beef loin: shoulder loin, which has a fine texture and rich flavor, and rib loin, which is soft and has a rich flavor.

    The shoulder loin can be used for yakiniku or sukiyaki, and the rib loin can be used as steak or shabu-shabu to bring out the best of each. Also, the compatibility with red wine is outstanding!

  • Peaches

    There are two types of beef thighs, and each has its own recommended way of eating. The inner thigh is soft and has little fat, so it is recommended to use it for yakiniku or roast beef!

    The outer thighs are firm, but have a rich flavor and sweetness, so they are best eaten in sukiyaki or simmered dishes!

  • tongue

    Although it is a famous part, only about 1 to 2 kg can be taken from a cow weighing about 500 kg.

    For thin slices, it is recommended to grill only one side, and for thick slices, grill both sides at a low temperature.

  • skirt steak

    It is the part of the diaphragm on the back side of the cow that contains a moderate amount of fat. Therefore, it is characterized by the strong umami of meat. Thick slices of 1 cm or more are recommended. You can feel more flavor.

    The more you chew, the more you become captivated by skirt steak♪