Motobu Farm

About Motobu Farm

More safety and security.
People-friendly, more.

More safety and security.
People-friendly, more.


Becoming a trusted brand

About 25 years ago, in Motobu Town, which is blessed with abundant nature, the history of our "Motobu Ranch" began.
Since then, we have been working earnestly on livestock farming with the aim of "safe, secure, and delicious beef", and as a result, we have now become a ranch that raises 2,500 heads at any given time.
We will continue to make further efforts so that "Motobu Beef" becomes a brand trusted by consumers.

More peace of mind

Traceability (individual identification number)

Each cow is assigned an individual identification number, and all information from birth is converted into data and managed.
In addition, the staff directly sees and touches each cow to check the changes in their physical condition every day.

More safety

Restricted access to sanitary areas

At Motobu Ranch, access to the sanitary management area is strictly restricted.
In addition, we manage the safety of the entire facility on a daily basis, such as installing disinfection tanks for external vehicles, installing disinfection tanks between cowsheds, and keeping admission record sheets.

More people-friendly

Environmentally friendly circular agriculture

At Motobu Farm, fermented feed made from Orion beer lees discharged from local Orion beer is fed to cows and fattened.
By mixing cow dung with sawdust, fermenting it, and shipping it as compost, we can improve the soil with organic fertilizer, and we are proud that we can contribute to the agriculture of the local Okinawa Prefecture in general.

We connect food, health, and the environment
Working on the "sixth industrialization" with sustainable circular agriculture,
We are taking on the challenge of developing Okinawa's local economy.