How To Bake

how to cook a delicious steak

How to cook a delicious steak


  • How to grill steak basics and points

    For heavily marbled meats, it's best to cook them as soon as they are out of the fridge.If you return it to room temperature, the fat will melt and the umami will escape.Salt often flows out of the oil when baking, so it's a good idea to season it well.

    When sprinkling salt on meat, sprinkle it on top of at least 30 centimeters to sprinkle it evenly.For less marbled and lean meat, remove it from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before it starts baking.If you are grilling in a regular household size frying pan, it is a little troublesome, but let's bake each piece. If you squeeze the space of the frying pan, it will cause the heat to vary. Cut off the fat part of the steak meat and use it as a substitute for the oil that blends into the pan when grilling.

  • Tips and timing for delicious baking

    If you chop the cut off fat before using, the oil will come out easily and it is easy to use.It is also important to heat the pan hot before baking.Grill one side well, and when the gravy floats on the surface, it's time to turn it over.

    After turning it over, bake for 10 seconds if you want it to be rare, 20 seconds if you want it to finish medium, and 30 seconds if you want to finish it well-done, and when you turn off the fire, cover it with aluminum foil, cover it with a lid, and cook it with residual heat.


Recommended seasonings for steak

Salt is essential when grilling steaks.There are two main types of salt: sea salt and rock salt, but the salt that goes well with steak is rock salt.Sea salt contains nigari, which has the property of making meat hard. In addition, compared to sea salt, which is characterized by its mellow saltiness, rock salt is characterized by its straight saltiness, which brings out the original taste of meat.

Fatty brand Wagyu beef goes perfectly with wasabi. Wasabi not only refreshes the fat and makes it easier to eat, but also enhances the taste of beef.After enjoying the original taste of meat with rock salt, why not freshen it up with wasabi?