Thawing Method

How to defrost frozen meat

How to defrost frozen meat deliciously

The important thing to keep the taste of meat is "meat juice".
Of course, the cooking method is also important so as not to miss the meat juice full of umami and nutrients,
What is more important is the thawing method.
In order to make your delicious meat even more delicious,
Introducing ♪ the recommended thawing method of Motobu Ranch

  • Actually, NG!? Thawing at "room temperature"

    Thawing at room temperature, which tends to be done.Actually, this is NG.
    Thawing at room temperature causes a large temperature difference between the inside and surface of the meat, and even the meat juice flows out. Also, if the indoor temperature is high, such as in summer, the meat may be damaged.

  • No. 1 recommendation! Thawing in "ice water"

    Fill a bowl with ice water and pickle the meat in the bag. At this time, be careful not to get water into the bag containing the meat.When the ice melts, it's best to repeat the process of adding ice!By keeping the temperature constant, you can defrost more deliciously.
    The estimated time is 1 hour and a half ~ 3 hours. Please thaw while watching the condition of the meat.

  • If you have time to spare, thaw in the refrigerator

    Since the temperature in the refrigerator is always kept constant, all you have to do is put the meat in it. If you have a chilled room, make use of it.
    However, thawing in the refrigerator takes half a day ~ 1 day, so it is recommended if you have enough time.

  • If you want to use it right now, unzip it in the "range"

    When thawing in the microwave, the meat is completely frozen.If there is a part that is about to be thawed, it will react strongly to it, and thawing will be uneven, so refrain from it.
    Remove the meat from the bag or foam tray and place it on cooking paper to thaw.
    If there is a thawing mode, it is defrosting mode, and if not, heat it with a low power of about 100W ~ 200W while watching the state of the meat. In addition, uneven defrosting can be minimized by turning it over in the middle.


Tips for keeping plenty of gravy

The main points are to minimize the temperature difference between the inside and surface of the meat and to thaw it over time.If the surface temperature is high, not only will germs easily grow, but a lot of meat juice will flow out.
Also, instead of thawing completely, you can prevent the juices from flowing out by cooking them in a slightly frozen state.If you refreeze it, it will spoil the freshness and reduce the taste and quality, so it is NG.When thawing, it is recommended to set aside only the amount that will be used in advance.