Celebration Gift

Motobu beef celebratory gift

“Motobu Beef” is a sweet, tender and flavorful brand of beef.

Motobu Farm uses original fermented feed made from beer lees.

The finest Motobu beef produced by the tropical climate and thorough management.
We have prepared a set for the festive season. Please take this opportunity to try it.

products for celebration

products for celebration

Beef with a new beginning

April is the month when hard work pays off and a new life begins.
“Motobu beef” is recommended as a gift for new students and new members of society.
Would you like to deliver the feeling of joy with the finest beef?

  • Motobu beef loin steak

    Beef loin characterized by fine texture and beautiful marbling. The meat's flavor and juicy fat are top class.

  • Motobu Beef Thigh Slice

    The umami-rich gravy makes sukiyaki even more delicious.