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[Gift] Motobu Beef Special Classita Slice (500g)

[Gift] Motobu Beef Special Classita Slice (500g)

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Kurashita is a loin meat around the shoulder blade with a good balance of lean meat and marbling.

[Frozen delivery]

~ For customers who purchase gift products (excluding processed products) ~
For a limited time only, it comes with the local Motobu Town "Shiosai Flavored Salt", which is packed with salt taken from the sea of ​​Okinawa and the blessings of Okinawa! It goes well with meat, so please take this opportunity to try it.

Preservation method Frozen (Consume as soon as possible after defrosting)
expiry date 1 month after production (frozen)
After defrosting Please enjoy it as soon as possible.
Internal capacity 500g

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