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[Gift] Motobu Farm Hamburger Can Premium Gift (160g x 6)

[Gift] Motobu Farm Hamburger Can Premium Gift (160g x 6)

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★Since it is easy to carry around and has a long shelf life of 3 years at room temperature, it is recommended as a gift, for outdoor cooking such as camping, and as preserved food in emergencies.

[Commitment to Canned Motobu Ranch Hamburg Steak] Motobu beef is characterized by its soft, sweet fat thanks to fermented feed that uses beer lees and lactic acid bacteria. Its ability has been proven by awards such as the Excellence Award in the Wagyu Category of the National Marbled Beef Research Society and the Prefectural Livestock Exhibition.

This "Motobu Ranch Hamburger Can" wants you to eat delicious hamburgers anytime, anywhere! With that in mind, we developed a canned type that can be stored at room temperature.

We use 100% Kuroge Wagyu beef from Motobu Ranch, and the main ingredients such as vegetables are also domestically produced. The demi-glace sauce is mellow and refreshing with the umami of beef bouillon, the sweetness of tomatoes, and the refreshing sourness.

Preservation method At normal temperature
expiry date 3 years after production
Internal capacity 160g x 6 cans

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