Collection: As a gift for Father's Day

Okinawa Brand Motobu Beef Motobu Ranch's Father's Day Gift delivers the luxurious taste of Japanese Black beef. With a hamburger set that can be enjoyed by the family, a higher-grade curry and beef bowl, there is no doubt that your father will be satisfied!

*Shipments within Okinawa will arrive by the 18th for orders placed by June 16

Okinawa brand Motobu beef

Motobu beef is a Japanese black beef born and raised in Okinawa. Motobu Farm in Motobu Town, northern Okinawa, is raised in an environment blessed with nature. In terms of meat quality, it has won the highest award, including the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, which is the first place in Japan, and is a brand Japanese black beef that represents Okinawa Prefecture.

Why Motobu beef is delicious

Aiming for safe, secure, and delicious beef, we not only manage all the cows we ship with individual identification numbers, but also raise about 2,000 cows with 150 to 300 heads per staff.

Original fermented feed is created using lees from Orion beer. We take into account the age of the cow and how to give it materials according to the type of cow to ensure that it grows in a well-balanced manner.

About Motobu Farm

In 1988, the history of "Motobu Ranch" began in Motobu Town, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture, which is blessed with rich nature. Since then, we have been working earnestly on livestock farming with the aim of "safe, secure, and delicious beef", and as a result, we have now become a ranch that raises 2,500 heads at any given time. In 2009, we opened a directly managed yakiniku restaurant, Yakiniku Motobu Ranch, and began serving our proud mobu beef as processed meat such as grilled meat, steak, and hamburger steak. We will continue to work on the "sixth industrialization" through sustainable circular agriculture that connects food, health, and the environment, and take on the challenge of developing Okinawa's local economy. We will continue to make further efforts to ensure that Motobu Beef becomes a brand trusted by consumers.

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