【Important】Regarding measures when changing (forwarding) the delivery address

2023.06.07 【Important】Regarding measures when changing (forwarding) the delivery address

Thank you for using the Motobu Ranch online shop.

We outsource product delivery through our online shop. If the delivery address stated on the invoice is changed from June 1, 2023 due to a change in Yamato Transport's regulations, the delivery fee incurred up to the changed delivery address will be billed to the recipient (fixed price cash on delivery) when the package is received. It turned out.

The shipping fee incurred will be charged directly to the customer who receives the product, even if it is for gifts.

Therefore, when ordering gift products, please make sure that the delivery address is correct before ordering.

* The cash on delivery amount is a fee set by Yamato Transport.The shipping fee set by our company will continue to be "free".
* When changing or transferring, it will be changed or transferred with the consent of the customer receiving the package.

For details, visit the Yamato Transport website. "Commencement of fare collection at the time of change of delivery address (transfer) and termination of acceptance of new applications for "TA-Q-BIN Relocation Transfer Service" Please refer to.