Summer resort byte recruitment!

2024.04.15 Summer resort byte recruitment!

This time, we are looking for restaurant hall staff as a new resort part-time job at the store and the store based on International Street. Do you want to offer the best time to customers from all over the world in our shop full of international atmosphere?

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The restaurant is located in the downtown area of Naha, the international street and the natural Yanbar district. (The sea of Yanbar district, headquarters town)

Offer positions:Restaurant Hall Staff

Business contents:

  • Customer Information
  • Order
  • Serving of dishes
  • Table Setting
  • Cleaning, etc.

Conditions of Work:

  • Duration of work: 2 months to 4 months (May to August) * Extension is also possible
  • Working time: 6 to 8 hours a day, shift-based (4 days or more per week)
  • Hourly wage: 1,500 yen
  • MoonMonthly income guide for 150 hours of service between: 2.25 million yen
  • For 160-hour monthly work, monthly income guide: 240,000 yen
  • Monthly income guide for 170 hours of work per month: 25.5 million yen
    * If you want to work a little longer time, it is possible to increase the time!

Wanted stores:

  • International Street Store: 2 people
  • Motobu store: 2 people
    * Northern Yanbar district, new theme park "Junglia" is scheduled to open next year, and it is an area that attracts attention!


  • A bright and cheerful response
  • Those who are coordinated and can work in a team
  • Basic English Conversation Skills (we will serve multinational customers)

Conditions and others:

  • Private room dormitory (WIFI environment, location where you can enjoy the nature of Okinawa)
    * Dormitory fees are free!
  • Transportation fee to work place (within 30,000 yen round trip)
  • Uniform rental
  • Meal offer available (save living expenses with cover, also save money)

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About us:

We, "Motobu Ranch", started more than 30 years ago in the headquarters town of Okinawa and grew as a trusted brand. It is now a wagyu restaurant that raises more than 2,000 cattle at all times and serves "good beef that can be safe and secure."

  • Environmentally Friendly Circulatory Agriculture: Fattening cattle with fermented feed utilizing by-products from local Orion beer. Cow dung contributes to local agriculture as an organic fertilizer.
  • Challenging "sixth-order industrialization" in sustainable cyclical agriculture:We are promoting sustainable agriculture that brings together food, health and environment, and contributing to the development of the local economy in Okinawa.

(Facing International Street Entrance, International Street Store)

Because the working time is about 6 hours a day, you can play in the beautiful sea of Okinawa after work and enjoy free time.
For those who are thinking about overseas working holidays, working in our shop is a great opportunity to gain experience in the international environment!

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