[Motobu Ranch] Notice of opening of industrial festival

2023.10.25 [Motobu Ranch] Notice of opening of industrial festival

This week's gold, Saturday and Sunday is an industrial festival!

Motobu Ranch, of course we will open a store this year!

We will prepare delicious [Motobu beef]

We look forward to seeing you there.

[Day] October 27 (Friday), 28th (Saturday), 29th (Sunday)

[Time] 11:00~20:00

[Place] Okubuyama Park (Motobu Ranch Booth Is near Okiya)

For more information about the industrial festival,

Please confirm from this (homepage of Oki Engineering).

Oki Engineering/Okinawa Industrial Festival (okikouren.or.jp)


· Dice steak 150g ¥ 1,500

Most popular! Easy-to-eat mouth-sized meat with sweet sauce I do.

・ Miso-grilled ribs 200g ¥ 1,500

New items! Because the taste is thick, it is recommended to order with rice!

* There is a little spicy.

· Hamburg steak ¥ 700

→ A popular hamburger for a wide range of people from children to adults!

This is also perfect with rice, so it is recommended to order rice.

・ Beef curry ¥ 800 * Limited to 10/27 (Fri)!

→ A slightly spicy dish with meat.

・ Beef medium juice ¥ 500

→ Unique internal organs Strengthen Soup. The preferences are clearly divided.

It has plenty of beef offal and vegetables.

· Rice ¥ 200 * Rice only cannot be purchased

→ A little more than a regular rice ball in a convenience store? About rice.