Announcement of event opening

2023.04.25 Announcement of event opening
 第5回 肉フェスタ in NAHA
To Motobu Farm will open a store!

4/29(土) 11:00~20:00(※売り切れ次第終了)
4/30(日) 11:00~20:00(※売り切れ次第終了)

Okinawa-ken Naha-shi Okuyama-cho 42-1 Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha (front square) 【Menu】 ・Broiled sirloin 100g ¥1,500

・Dice steak 150g ¥1,500

・Hamburger steak ¥700

・Vienna ¥1,000

・Curry ¥800

・Gyudon ¥800

・Rice ¥200

・ Contents soup ¥500 ★ One coin menu!
We are waiting for you with delicious Motobu beef! !! Please come to the venue!