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Motobu Ranch hamburger set (5 packs to 20 packs)

Motobu Ranch hamburger set (5 packs to 20 packs)

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Best by date: April 22, 2024

A plump juicy hamburger with 100% of Japanese black-haired beef. The sweetness of meat that can be produced only because it is a bobutsu cow grown in the southern climate is exquisite. Please enjoy the gravy that overflows with juwa, natural taste that does not use any synthetic chemical preservatives.

It is easy to cook just warm, it is recommended for families with children.

You can choose from 5 packs, 10 packs, 15 packs and 20 packs!

[Delivery in frozen]

preservation method Frozen (please consume as soon as possible after thawing)
expiry date 1 year from manufacture in frozen storage
After defrosting Please serve as soon as possible.
internal volume 120g / 1 pack

Beef (from Okinawa), onion (national), bread crumbs, chicken eggs, salt salt, pepper, nutmeg, (some of the raw materials include wheat, milk and soybeans)

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